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Weird Wednesdays: Living on a Praya dubia - UConn Daily Campus

UConn Daily Campus

Weird Wednesdays: Living on a Praya dubia
UConn Daily Campus
Today we return to a treasured Weird Wednesdays tradition: learning about horrifying creatures from the bottom of the sea that will most likely give you nightmares for the rest of your life. This week, we're gonna talk about Praya dubia! This sinew-y ...

パーティー、ディープラーニング技術を用いた画像解析API「Deeplooks」の提供を開始 - IoTNEWS (プレスリリース)

IoTNEWS (プレスリリース)

IoTNEWS (プレスリリース)
株式会社 パーティーは、2016年の第4弾・自社開発プロダクトとして、「Deeplooks」を公開した。 「Deeplooks」は、ディープラーニング技術を用いた画像解析APIで、顔写真を投稿すると、その顔の美しさを数値化して判定することができる。これまで主観に基づいていた「美しさ」という概念を客観的に評価できる画期的なプロ ...
クリエイティブ・ラボ PARTYがディープラーニング技術を用いた画像解析API「Deeplooks」の提供を開始。PR TIMES (プレスリリース)

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Lunchbreak:'s Harmon Likes Vikings WR and RB Status -

Lunchbreak:'s Harmon Likes Vikings WR and RB Status
With free agency just two weeks away and the NFL Draft quickly approaching, teams across the league are have been taking deep looks at their roster and identifying positions of need.'s Matt Harmon recently reviewed the needs of each team at ...




顔面レベルを星五つで採点してくれるサイト「Deeplooks」、勿論 ...

顔面レベルを星五つで採点してくれるサイト「Deeplooks」、勿論 ...
deeplooks | 元気に面白おかしく。。。

deeplooks | 元気に面白おかしく。。。


「見た目」を点数化!見えないモノを見るテクノロジーDeeplooksが ...

2017年10月17日 ... 先日ネットで面白いサイトを見つけました。それは「衝撃!人工知能が判断した乃木坂
ランキングを出しているという内容。 割と明確な人気順があるアイドルなので、ランキング
が判断してるという点です。 人の見た目の点数を出している、そのAIの名は『

Deep Looks: How Flowers Helped Van Noy Stop Falcons' Fourth ...

Oct 24, 2017 ... BOSTON (CBS) — The game felt well in hand for most of the Patriots' win over
the Falcons on Sunday night, but Atlanta had their chances to make things
interesting. The Falcons' fourth-and-1 chance from the Patriots' 1-yard line at the
start of the fourth quarter was perhaps the best opportunity they had to reverse
momentum – and the Patriots just blew it up. With a chance to punch the ball in
with one of their running backs and cut the Patriots' lead to 13 points with ...

Winter Fancy Food Show 2018 Video: Kona Deep Looks to Make ...

Jan 26, 2018 ... In a category like bottled water, you sometime have to dive deep to find
differentiation. Kona Deep has done just that with its line of premium ocean water
, sourced from deep currents off the coast of the island of Kona in Hawaii. The
company, which recently completed a $5.5 million fundraise that will help expand
its distribution and production capabilities, is working to educate consumers on
how deep ocean water can provide quality hydration from a sustainable ...



「Deeplooks」宮本 優一 - DemoDay.Tokyo #01

Praying Mantis Love is Waaay Weirder Than You Think | Deep Look


2018/03/29 01:23
Deeplooks… 私、ただのブスだった🤣
2018/03/29 01:21
Deeplooks で、顔写真の "美しさスコア" を分析しました。分析結果 : #Deeplooks ナカイの窓でやってたので やってみた2.9点酷い・・・